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Dr. Ulli Wendlberger, a specialized veterinary surgeon for Dermatology from the University of Vienna, also a specialized  veterinary surgeon for small animals with additional certificate (Zusatzbez.) in Dentistry from the University of Munich as well as CertVD (Veterinary Dermatology) from the  University of London.

Dr. Wendlberger opened his Veterinarian practice in the east side of the city of Munich, with an emphasis on skin and  dental diseases.

Apart from conventional methods of investigation we use top illumination and fluorescence microscopy, as well as skin and serological testing  to diagnose skin diseases and allergies.   These diseases generally show symptoms like chronic itching, eccema, hair loss, airway or gastrointestinal problems.  Chronic coughing occurs  mainly in horses and cats.

Intraoral X-ray as well as a modern dental station allow complex dental  treatments including root canal treatments and prothetics.

Chronic eccemas and skin tumors can be treated by means of ozone bath therapy, cryotherapy, radio surgery, UV - and radiotherapy.

NEW: high -dose-rate radiotherapy using brachytherapy with iridium-192 for treating inoperable skin and oral tumours in cats, dogs and horses! Main indications are fibrosarcomas in cats and sarcoids in horses!


Office is located on Muehlbaurstrasse 45 (office map) directly next to the middle ring.  Getting there by public transportation is very easy, just take U4 to the "Boehmerwaldplatz" stop.  If using your car,  parking is possible at the Boehmerwaldplatz and the adjacent side streets.

Praxis Dr. Wendlberger
Mühlbaurstraße 45
81677 München
Tel. 089-980609
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Office Hours:  


 09.00-1.30 pm            (appointments only) 


 3.30 - 6 pm                (walk-ins) 

 Saturday morning

 10-11 am                   (walk-ins) 

 Sunday evening by appointments only  


Having problems making an appointment?
Here you can contact us and arrange a special meeting time.
Naturally no offsite diagnostics can be given, but you can describe your pets symptoms and we can determine preliminary courses of action. Former medical history records and treatments would be important to have. Ideally you would be referred by your vet.